Why Authentication Service?

Authentication Service is a product that enables consumers validates the genuineness of the goods/product purchased. It is an SMS platform that aids users sends some keyword/PIN to a short code to get a confirmation message stating the authenticity of a product. This is done from a mobile phone irrespective of whether the device is a smart phone or not. The SMS can be sent without the user/consumer having airtime on the line, as the service is free!! When the user receives the confirmatory SMS or otherwise, s/he will take the necessary steps as indicated.

  • PIN’s can be sold to any customer with a dashboard to show how many pins have been authenticated over time.
  • PIN’s could be provided either as soft copy, printed on the body of the product, or as an additional scratch paper etc. as deemed fit by the customer.

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Brand your products with an authentication code to show buyers that you have an authentic product and to differentiate your products from counterfeits.

Interested buyers can scratch your product, send the authentication code to a shortcode and verify if they purchased an authentic product.


Our Authentication code makes it safer for you to shop brands you love with confidence that you are purchasing original items

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Automobile Parts

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How It Works

Find and scratch the silver stripes on products

Send the code to #2322

Get The Response on the Authenticity of the product

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0 – 100,000 Units

100,001 – 150,000 Units

150,001 – 200,000 Units

200,000+ Units

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