Bulk SMS Integration

One Design for All Platforms

It is a platform where customers can sign up onto the platform and buy SMS units to send automated messages to their customer base.With the platform, we also offer packages such as SMS to your customer base, SMS to our customer base, scheduled SMS during holidays etc. It can be used as a marketing scheme for SME’s, MSME’s, Churches and all organizations.

  • Fund Your Wallet
  • Select/Upload Content
  • Send SMS

Our Platform is very fast, efficient and simple to use, and with those 3 quick steps, we bring you closer to your audience.

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Our self service platform caters for ease of use, you can procure SMS units via our online ​ Payment Platform with a single click, upload customize content, upload preferred contact or ​ even select available contact and push directly to your audience.​

Ease Of Use

Self service platform​

The interface is mobile responsive​

Transaction concluded in 3 simple steps​


Our platform is Fast​​

Highly responsive & quick uploads​


Our platform can be accessed ​from multi platforms ​i.e Web, Mobile etc.​​​

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Service Offering

We offer a safe and secure channel for companies/individuals to share information to their​ target audience.​

​All address lists and contacts are secured and can’t be accessed by other parties.​

We have an in-built DND & DNC set up that filters bug lines, scam numbers and unauthorized​ MSISDN’s.​​

​Our platform inclusive of our mobile apps, portals are plug in are free from spam activities ​and security is guaranteed when using our services.​​

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Value Added Benefits

Online application. No software required. No Setup fees.​​

Easy and Instant communication with target audience.​​​

Campaign messages can be scheduled.​​​

Status of delivery reports on sent campaigns for further reporting and more to be ​shared with client.​​​

Database Update inclusive of DND & DNC numbers in use or invalid will be indicated ​in reports.​​​

Personalized messaging depending on information available.​​​

Payment Notification and Confirmation​​.​

Customized CSV format for content & contact uploading.​​​

15,000 SMS/Second Delivery Rate​​.

Instant delivery of messages (SMS)​​.​

User friendly online interface​​.​

Open Sender IDs: You can send SMS Using any Sender ID you desire.​

99.5% service uptime. Load balancing for high loads and Redundant servers.​​​

Guaranteed SMS Delivery to Over 900 Mobile networks Globally.​​​

Dedicated SMS bandwidth​​.​

Highest level of security and confidentiality of client database​.​

Competitive prices- We provide highest quality SMS services at affordable prices.​

Get Maximum ROI​.​

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