The ShortCode Integration Service

As a licensed VAS provider from NCC, we cater to the needs of companies to acquire & integrate dedicated or shared short code on our platform to aid them disseminate product/service information to their customers, enable micro payments, conduct reward & loyalty schemes, smart incidence management system etc.

  • The greatest advantage of using a short code is that it can be easily remembered.
  • Thus, making it simple for recipients to reply to your messages forming the basis of any great SMS marketing platform

Short codes are also ideal for sending high-volume messages as you can send large numbers of bulk SMS messages at a consistent rate with much higher throughput unlike with long numbers, with which you’re only able to send 1 message per second.

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Customer Feedbacks.​​

Customer Surveys.​​​

Online Voting.​​​

Complaint Submission.​​​

Advertisement Enquiry.​​​

Alerts & notification.​​​

Account balance enquiries​​.​

Identity verification.​​​

Competition entries​​.

Event Registration​​.​

Information drives.​

Order tracking and delivery confirmations.​


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Unique number string.​​

Easy to remember.​​​

Compatible with features phones and smart phones.​​​

Near instant delivery.​​​

There are no application installation requirements.​​​

Reach Wider Audience.​​​

Available on all mobile devices, including feature phones​​.​

Free to mobile users except otherwise stated.​​​

More interactive as compared to SMS​​.

Suitable for sensitive info like one-time password​​.​

Easily adopted to develop interactive, menu-based applications that demand faster two-way messaging services and navigation.​

No internet connection is required.​

Potent for time-sensitive campaigns or critical alerts.​

SSL response can be forwarded to a secure external database, email addresses, stored in the application inbox, or forwarded to your URL via our API.​

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Targeted At

Information Directories.​​




Cable TV Companies.​​​






Security Agencies.​

Government Organisations.​

Transport/Logistic Companies.​

TV Stations.​

Sports News.​



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Integration: we can integrate your already purchased ShortCode into all GSM networks.​​

Shared ShortCode: We have available codes that can be leased.​​​

Dedicated ShortCode.​​​

Apply for ShortCodes on your behalf.​​​

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USSD Code Setup Fee for all 4 Networks.​​

Leasing Fee.​​​

VPN/SMPP/SERVER/GATEWAY Configuration Fee Integration Cost (Per Network).​​​

API/Routing Fee (where applicable).​​​

Telecom Annual Support Fee (For the 1st year only. Subsequent years are billed per incident).​​​

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